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We recognise what working with bloggers can bring to a brand’s image and positioning – and having run a successful lifestyle blog since 2011, Scarlett has personal experience and contacts within this now very saturated industry.

It can be a bit of a minefield finding bloggers who align with your values and so having insider knowledge of the community certainly helps. We work with brands to develop an on-going blogger outreach strategy which values the importance of maintaining blogger creativity and authenticity, while still engaging effectively with the large followings that influencers have.


influencer outreach

The team are immersed in the blogging community on a daily basis. Since we run a rather popular lifestyle blog ourselves, we're constantly attending influencer events, working with brands on collaborative projects and meeting other successful and inspiring bloggers. We all genuinely love what the blogging community has to offer (we know our Zoella's from our Tanya's, that's for sure) and religiously watch, read and listen to the social stars of today. 

We also have a rather large network of bloggers who we work with on a daily basis, connecting them with suitable brands, organising collaborations and inviting to our events. 

In order to develop an effective blogger outreach strategy, you have to know who is best for your brand, how much they charge, who their audiences are, how do they like to collaborate, what would engage with their audience, what kind of ROI are you going to be able to expect and what they can do for your brand positioning. 

Bloggers are also busy people too. They're approached by hundreds of brands asking for coverage and expecting a mention. This isn't how we work. We value blogger creativity and the kind of awareness working with a blogger can generate. 

We develop monthly blogger outreach projects, usually with a disbursement budget as allocated by the brand and a gifting allowance. We create exciting blogger campaigns, which are viewed and enjoyed by thousands. 

We take the time to work out what you want to achieve through your new blogger strategy and present a number of creative and original ideas to you. Coverage reports are generated each month and we calculate the total reach of the exposure, working alongside you to monitor growth. 


Creative campaigns


When you work with us on a retainer basis, we will put together an editorial calendar of creative campaigns, merging your brand values with your growth goals. Perhaps you're looking to promote a new product launch and wish to bring influencers on board to cover it. You could invite them to the launch, provide them with the product and ask them to write a review. But there's so much more we could do with this! 

Whether it's planning a trip abroad to create content for both your channels and the bloggers, or organising a red carpet event with bloggers and their audiences to gather feedback for your next big launch - we've got it covered. 

Our campaigns won't blend in with what's already out there, we want to make our mark - and make sure your brand leaves a lasting impression in both the influencer and the audience's mind.



social media management

Having built an Instagram page with over 21,000 engaged followers and a Twitter page with an audience nearly 12,000, Scarlett knows a thing or two about engaging with social media users and growing a platform.

The team can create or evolve your Instagram, Twitter and Facebook pages organically. We source and create the content. We engage with the platform's community in a way that aligns with your values, voice and target market. 

At present, we schedule three posts per day for our clients and focus on interacting with the growing audience of the platform. In the case of our client, we increased their following on Instagram by over 400% in just four short months. 

event management

Whether you're launching a new product or simply wishing to connect IRL with bloggers and social influencers, we can help you throw a party to remember! 

We've organised brunches in the sky, lunches underground and even hosted a number of large scale #BloggerBalls! 

Whatever your vision, we can create it. Or if you simply want help with making sure the right people come along - or that you've got a full house, we can do this too. 

To take a look at some of our previous events, click here


Our team can be hired for a one-off project or work on a monthly retainer basis.

The latter is the most effective solution as we work to develop a long term strategy that is going to boost your brand into the eyes and ears of the blogosphere however we are flexible to work together in a way that best fits. 

Please get in touch to enquire about rates and retainers.