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The Ultimate Guide to Instagram: Editing, Algorithm Hacks & Tips for Growth

The Ultimate Guide to Instagram: Editing, Algorithm Hacks & Tips for Growth


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In March of this year, I decided to completely re-think how I approached Instagram as a channel. My growth had stagnated, my engagement was at an all-time low and I just wasn’t enjoying it. I was doing it because I felt I HAD to. The algorithm had knocked me back and I wasn’t sure where I stood in a very saturated (and beautifully filtered) world.

But instead of logging out, I researched, I planned, I re-taught myself how to edit. I backed away from the snazzy camera. I started making content I LOVED.

And it worked. In the space of a few months, my Instagram page has grown organically - by over 16,000 new followers. My engagement is now higher than it’s ever been (consistently around 4%) and I’m enjoying creating for this platform like never before.

I was going to film a video about what I learned, because this is pretty much something that’s requested via DM each day. But there was too much to fit into one video. Plus, lots of the editing tips and tricks have taken me months to master, so I felt I wanted to give it more attention. A step-by-step guide seemed like a better option.

  • Learn how to edit like @scarlettlondon

  • No Lightroom, Snazzy Camera or Laptop is needed

  • All photos taken & edited on a smartphone

  • Tips & tricks on how to conquer the Instagram Algorithm & grow your reach

  • How to shoot amazing content, anywhere, with anyone


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