Establishing scarlettlondon.com in 2011, Scarlett Dixon has over five years experience in the ever evolving world of blogging and continues to immerse herself in the exciting new landscape fondly referred to as the 'blogosphere'. After graduating with a First Class Honours degree in Multi-Media Journalism in 2016, she moved straight from studying to managing her popular blog full time.

Alongside this, she had also been running her influencer events business for three years, which rapidly increased in popularity and currently enjoys a database of over 2,000 bloggers, YouTubers and Instagrammers who regularly attend her brand and blogger networking exhibitions. 

And finally, with six years experience in PR, Marketing and Social Media - Scarlett was also approached by a number of brands who were keen to develop and implement a successful blogger outreach programme. She has been working with her clients on a consultancy basis to secure influencer collaborations, increase brand awareness among the blogging community and build a successful and engaging social media presence. 

An amalgamation of the three projects resulted in the creation of Scarlett London Digital in 2016, a digital consultancy agency uniquely immersed within the blogging community itself, providing unrivalled access to some of the most popular digital influencers of today. 

The business was born after plenty of research about how PR companies and agencies work in the current market. Many brands mentioned they'd commissioned such a company but saw hardly any results (despite paying over the odds) and that there was a need for creative outsourcing that they could rely upon. They also found it tough to get their foot in the door with the larger influencers and struggled to pinpoint who would be able to market their brand successfully and organically to the right target audience. 

Scarlett London Digital encompasses all of the above with a hard-working team who stand as an extension to your own.