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Founded by Scarlett London in 2013, our events were initially designed to create a space for bloggers, influencers, creatives and brands to network in a welcoming, friendly and fun environment.

Four years on, our main aim is the same - our venue's have just got bigger

The friendly, relaxed and welcoming environment means that bloggers of all followings, genres and ages can attend to expand their own networks for potential future collaborations.

We have a unique position in the industry, as our director - Scarlett London - is an active influencer herself, immersed in the blogosphere, with many genuine friendships and connections.

She understands what bloggers want to gain from an event and equally, as a digital PR and influencer marketeer, she also appreciates the need for ROI on the brands behalf.

Each of her events are constructed by Scarlett individually to capitalise on current social trends and keep abreast of the ever evolving influencer community. 

At each event you can expect to find an assortment of Instagram-friendly back-drops, a plethora of brands wishing to expand their blogger networks and a whole host of excited bloggers keen to affirm their online connections, IRL. 

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Scarlett London Digital organises the largest influencer and brand networking events in the United Kingdom - and currently has plans in place to take the successful format global.


What format do the events have?

The unique thing about our events is that there is no set structure and our guests are free to network, mingle and browse the exhibition as they wish. The layout of our chosen venues lends itself to being able to make your way around all of our showcasing brands, dropping off your business card and making beneficial contacts for your future blogging endeavours. Everyone that is there, whether they are a fellow creator or brand, is genuinely interested in the world of the blogger – and so they want to hear about you, what you love and how you might like to collaborate.

Will there be other things to do aside from just networking?

Oh yes, don't worry about that! At each event, we have between 20 and 40 exhibiting brands, who each bring along an assortment of activities to get involved in. So you might be taking part in a flat lay competition, posing next to a huge wall of white roses, wine tasting or perhaps even having your make-up topped up by a celebrity MUA! There's also lots of helpful tips and advice to help take your blog to the next level, with a number of mini masterclasses hosted by some of the industry's most influential creators. So whether you want to improve your blog's photography (and come off auto, once and for all) or listen to how you could take your blog from hobby, to career - there will be something for you in store!

How long do the events last?

Each event is different but they are usually a few hours long, so plenty of time to make lots of exciting contacts and have fun! Make sure you check the individual event for exact timings.

How many people attend?

Again, each one different as it depends on the size of the venue - but usually, it's between 200 and 400 guests per event.


I'm a blogger

Bloggers of all genres, ages and platforms are welcome to attend our events. Don't worry about attending alone, as lots of other people do too and our format is tailored to making sure that everyone has an enjoyable and social time, regardless of whether you arrive not knowing a soul. 

Each event aims to be a celebration of the incredible blogging community, so expect to come away feeling inspired and excited about what the social sphere has to offer!

We try and make each event bigger and better than the last - but if you do have any ideas or feedback - please feel free to let us know. We're dedicated to making sure that the events are tailored towards the needs and preferences of our socially savvy guests! 

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I'm a brand

We offer a number of opportunities for brands to get involved in our events and work closely with them to create engaging, insightful and exposure-boosting activities. Many choose to sponsor a stall on the day of the event, showcasing their latest launches, hosting giveaways and meeting bloggers in person, while others opt for goody bag sampling. We've also collaborated with brands looking to kick-start their own blogger outreach networks, by hosting mini 'influencer lounges' with charging stations, cocktails and cupcakes. Previous brands who have showcased at one of our events include Lee Stafford, Urban Outfitters, Ted Baker, and Bare Minerals. 

If you're interested in hearing more about getting involved in our next event, please do get in touch. 

Still not sure what to expect?